Queen, Chinese/English

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Queen, Chinese/English

"Hello. I would like to welcome you for looking my profile. My name is Queen, a Chinese and English speaking licensed tour guide based in the Eastern tourist region of Thailand. Especially one of the world most popular city PATTAYA. Since the activities here is numerous, many of tourist guests spend their holiday as long as several weeks, playing around in PATTAYA and vicinity area. You need someone to be your tour guide for helping you to get through such activities. Why don’t you select a local guide by born like me? I am looking forward to welcome you soon."

Queen (Rujiporn Phokeaw)


For reservation, please kindly specify your schedule booking date.
Contact QUEEN CLICK  here.

Quotation price and your enquiries will be responded by email within 12 hours.

Settled price could be paid by Cash on Arrival or 

SCB    Bank transfer or   . 

Thank you for visiting my profile.

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